Basics of How to Make Loose Clothes Work for You

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We selected the image to illustrate a dress that hits all of our points. It is classic, elegant, comfortable, interesting, would work Spring, Summer, Fall, and most importantly, it would work with all body types.

You probably know this but unless you have a perfect body, tight clothes will show every little imperfection you may have. It is not just what you know but also what others perceive. However, many people still believe that loose clothes make us even larger than we actually are. NO SO! Here is our guidelines for making loose clothes work for you.


A-line clothes are classic and versatile as they work for any body shape. The only thing you need to do is to pick a size that is slightly loose on the part of your body that you are not comfortable with. A straight line dress may be a good choice for those of you with needing a little evening up between upper and lower body. Empire cuts are also a good choice for many but best suited for larger bust sizes so that the dress can have a better flow.


We all have our favorite colors but do they work for us? Truthfully, dark colors tend to work for most people so a lot of us go that route to avoid potential mishaps. Dark colors also tend to be more elegant. So, to make light or bright colors work for you, the rule of thumb is your 'feel' or comfort wearing them. You can carry off just about anything by being confident in your look. When in doubt, pick a predominantly black and white dress with some color accents and you'll be sure to look great. Our example dress comes in many accent colors so choose the one that suits your personality.


The rule here is to pick a symmetrical pattern for proportional body type and asymmetrical if you have something you want to 'hide'. Honestly, you can make both work but it is easier to look your best if you abide by this rule.


Believe it or not, the neckline makes a huge difference. It is what people 'see' most often because of the natural focus while talking to you. To be understated, you can choose a scoop neck or high v-neck. More striking looks are generally deep v-neck, combination v and scoop (like the picture) or asymmetrical cuts.

Have fun!