About Us

We are two sisters (from another mother) who met through work and stayed friends for life. We live in two continents but see each other as often as we can.

Our backgrounds are in fashion design and business, both of us having experience in e-commerce.

We thought about doing something in fashion together in 2019 but were searching for the right time. Well, 2021 came and here we are.

The two main goals with our store are to bring tasteful garments and accessories without shopping headaches. We draw from our shopping frustrations of price shopping, too many choices, not enough time to look at everything, and just wanting to find a place where we don't have to make too many decisions about whether our choice of style is 'fashion approved'.

Our solution:

Build a store for busy or style-challenged people.

Simple Pricing: $39 for each item or 2 for $69. That's it! Free shipping and return.

Items: carefully selected items that you can click and forget


We welcome questions and comments and will answer them within a day.